Tuesday July 20th:

We are on schedule to deliver all orders North of Staten Island within a week of ordering.

South of Staten Island may see longer waits as we wait to have enough orders to justify the long trip- but we have been delivering every 14 days to the shore and southern points.

Everything is in stock and we continue to dry wood 24/7 

I would like to extend a special "thank you!" to the amazing word of mouth we received this year- Covid wiped out a significant portion of my restaurant-business and you have saved us. THANK YOU!


We only sell 100% Kiln-dried firewood.

Our firewood IS the BEST Firewood in the North-East.


We Have Northern White Birch and Hickory Back In Stock!!


We do not sell "seasoned", "mixed blend", or any other kind of firewood which may or may not be immediateley burnable and may or may not carry mold, termites, carpenter-ants or other creepy-crawlies.

Just dry, clean, mold and bug-free firewood.


However- we are not just a delivery service.

We produce our firewood as well and it is extremel difficult to produce firewood this perfect in sub-freezing temperatures. It is hard to explain how chalenging it is to take a 2' diameter, 30' long log and cut that log into 16" lengths, split it into perfect little pieces, heat that wood to 240 degrees and hold it at that temperature for a day if that log comes to us as a frozen-solid block of granit-hard tree and the outside temperatures are sub-zero with waves of freezing rain, snow and high winds; our equipment freezes, our power goes out, our trucks go off the roads and the boys themselves break-down.

We do our best.

Please be patient with us! We will absoluteley deliver your firewood with our absolute-standards as soon as possible, but we are one of the very few producers who do not shut down for the winter.

Please allow time for your delivery and it is extremely difficut for me to accurateley predict how long it will take. We aim for within 5 business days, but it may take as long as 14 days if things don't go our way. Again- we do our absolute exhaustive best durring these winter months.

We generaly run out of stockpiled-inventory in mid-december and from that point forward provide firewood as it comes out of our kilns, straight onto the trucks- that makes our turn-around equipment dependent, and equipment is weather-dependent...

Stacking service is available, please indicate if stacking will be required so we may contact you to make arrangements.

Please make sure that we have clear, ice and snow-free, wheelbarrow access to your wood-rack if you select this option. Snow-clearing is not a service we offer...




Note that all prices include taxes (there aren't any taxes on Firewood in NJ) and delivery.