4' rack of Northern White Birch 20cubic feet

20 cubic feet of Northern White Birch. This is enough White Birch Firewood to fill your 4'rack, 4' high and 16" deep.

You couldn't write this, but we source this beutiful firewood from a young Amish logger who is origionaly from Pensilvania but has relocated to upstate New York. Usualy, loggers try to sneak all kinds of cheaper species into the mix, but this young man true to his word and his firewood is the proof. His work is beutiful!

We source the wood from him, dry the wood in our kilns as slowly as possible to keep the bark as much as possible, repack and ship to you.


White Birch is a highly prized firewood. Birch is extremely rare as it is brittle and ice storms knock the trees down but it will only grow in very cold climates- that is a challenging combination for a tree to face, especially here in the mid-Atlantic where cold=ice...

White Birch is famous for its lovely white bark and its sweet aroma- Root Beer was originally brewed from the roots of Birch Trees (back when Granny would brew it and Rockwell would paint it) and the White Birch Firewood will burn with a hint of that sweet taste.

White Birch does not typically grow with any density in the mid-Atlantic, but due to the number of calls we received last year from customers looking for this premium firewood, we sourced a limited amount from a producer Northern New England.

This is a beautiful to look at, sweet smelling, spectacularly burning product harvested in Estonia and re-dried to your expectations here in the USA.


Please note: while I do from time-to-time find some white-birch "in the round", as a rule, the birch firewood we have in stock is split. While we guarantee that our White-Birch will be WHite-birch, burn like tha amazing white birch you expect, we cannot and will not guarantee that the white birch you receive will be in the round. There are stores in mid-town manhattan who provide this decorative product but our wood is for burning, it is beutiful, but it is for burning purposes... this has caused some issues this year as some customers have purchased wood from us intending to use the wood as a display and I hate getting disapointed calls.

If you are looking for decorative birch, call me and I woul be pleased to point you in the right direction.

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Price $396.00

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