40 cubic feet Aromatic Firewood: Cherry, Apple or Hickory

40 cubic feet of specialty aromatic firewoods- available while log stocks last.

This will fill a stack of firewood 8'long and just 4' high. Individual pieces are standard 16" long, but we can cut to special order length if requested.

This is enough firewood to last about 25-50 fires, depending on how long and how hot you like to burn your fires.


All summer long, as we are cutting firewood for our summer campground and restaurant customers, if and when we come across cherry or hickory logs, we set them asside for our residential customers in the following winter.


If you like the wonderful aroma of a crackling fire- try these specialty woods:



Wild Cherry from local forrests (has a wonderful deep fruity smell)

 Hickory very high BTU content, long burning and wonderfully aromatic... always reminds me of a ski lodge) 

Apple firewood from NY Apple orchards (smells like... apple)


We do not sell "seasoned", "winter blend" or anything else which is not 100% kiln-dried and heat-treated firewood.

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