Fine-Split Ash 25 Bundles (18.75 cf) Bundled

This is the stuff that made us famous and built our business; it isn’t firewood- It’s Gourmet Cookwood!!!

We provide this product to over 75 wood-fired pizza rstaurants in the tri-state area including the country's top Cheffs at Don Antonio, Keste, Rossopomodora at Eataly, Fiamma and many, many more.

Ash is renowned for its consistent burn temperatures and clean, neutral aroma.

Every stage of this fuel’s production from log selection, the cut, the split, the moisture content and the packaging has been done with our Restaurant-customer needs in mind.

We Double-Split and Double-Dry our 100% Ash Gourmet Cook-wood to assure our pizzaioli have the best fuel to cook their pizzas with- every time!

Gourmet/Restaurant customers are very special to us and should call us directly at (917) 280-6717 to discuss our service options with terms, guaranteed delivery windows and custom firewood options available. We pride ourselves on being the “go-to” firewood guys forNew Jersey and Manhattan's pizza restaurants.

This product is finaly available for residential delivery.

Price includes delivery and Stacking but NOT STAIRS or other common-sense obstacles.

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Price $330.00

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