Mixed Hardwood 4' Rack (20 cubic feet)

20 cubic feet of our premium Hardwood mix firewood. This is enough firewood to last about 25-50 fires, depending on how long and how hot you like to burn your fires.


This will fill a stack of firewood 4'long and 4' high. Individual pieces are standard 16' long, but we can cut to special order length if requested.


The perfect blend of Oak, Maple, Birch and Beach woods, dried to perfection in our state of the art firewood kilns which heat your firewood at 250 degrees for 2 days. Removing a massive ammount of water, killing all bugs and mold so you get nothing but clean, dry, bug free firewood ready to burn without seasoning or drying.


 We do not sell "seasoned", "winter blend" or anything else which is not 100% kiln-dried and heat-treated firewood.


We avoid describing our wood by the "cord" as this word has been misused by so many producers for so long that the word has lost any useful meaning when speaking with new customers and not just missused by fly-by-night guys with a chainsaw and a pick-up truck, but by guys who have been in the bussiness for decades and are well known in the area.

For your reference, a "cord" is a stack of firewood 8'long, 4' high and 4' deep. This is a lot of firewood. Generaly it equates to 3 large 8' long racks of firewood. Most NJ customers know a "cord" to be 1/3 or at best 1/2 of this volume; they expect their 8' long firewood-rack to be filled with a "cord" of firewood, but I can never take anything for granted- there is the occasional customer who actualy means, intends and expects a true and legal cord. What to do, what to do?!?

If you have been ordering your firewood by "the cord" and not getting this large volume, then you haven't been getting what you ordered and your firewood provider has been misleading you.

The problem is that most people when ordering a "cord" of firewood don't want this much firewood, don't mean this much firewood and would be shocked by the price if I quoted them for this much firewood, so when they call and ask for a "cord" I don't know how to quote... but then there's the ocassional customer who does know what a cord is and are shocked when we arrive with a delivery of what most customers expect when they order a "cord". What to do, what to do?!? 

If you call and ask for a "cord of firewood" please expect me to have some follow-up questions as I try to understand exectly how much firewood you are trying to order as I endeavor to give you an accurate quote. I will not be trying to pull one over on you or trick you, just trying to get on the same page as you.





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Price $244.20

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