Mixed Hardwood 50 Bundles (Bundled and palletised)

This is a pallet of 50 bundles of our premium Hardwood mix firewood. Each bundle is 0.75 cf in volume and measures at least 9" x 9" on the face and is 15.5-16.5" long.

The perfect blend of Oak, Maple, Birch and Beach woods, dried to perfection in our state of the art firewood kilns which heat your firewood at 250 degrees for 2 days. Removing a massive ammount of water, killing all bugs and mold so you get nothing but clean, dry, bug free firewood ready to burn without seasoning or drying. 

We wrap your firewood into bundles such as you might see at a grocery store or gas station (except higher quality wood and over-filled bundles), we stack the bundles on a pallet and deliver this "cube of wood" to your residence, ready to be rolled into a garage or convenient corner, ready for you to carry these convenient bundles into your home one at a time, as you need them.

We do not put a handle on these bundles so you don't have to mess arround with pliers or sharp knives trying to get those handles off and no nylon webbing ends up in your fire.


 We do not sell "seasoned", "winter blend" or anything else which is not 100% kiln-dried and heat-treated firewood.

Price includes delivery to your home and as far as our pallet jacks can roll with the pallet. Please note that pallet jacks do note like gravel or bumps- a step of 1" or more will stop our jacks in their tracks!

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Price $462.00

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